Your Continued obsession: Fallout 4 Season Pass

Fallout 4 has been out for exactly 104 days in all its glory. Now that the dust has settled and the commonwealth has been discovered, there is a medley of content and unsatisfied gamers alike. In my opinion, the game has been a fun experience with a ton of locations and personalities. The story was a little lackluster due to minimal text choices and a lack of depth that the previous games offered. The story was also prematurely ruined for me(Thanks 4chan….). For every action RPG, like Fallout, comes a decisive point in the gamer’s playthorugh. The point where you decide that if the game is still worth playing and exploring OR if you are done with this game for a while. I had a similar experience with Oblivion and Skyrim, and boy was I surprised because there was still a good chunk of content when I got back. Bethesda Softworks has a remedy for this decision in the form of a Season Pass for all the promised DLC and much more, for which there are finally some concrete details.

In this initial set of Downloadable Content there is Automatron, Wasteland workshop, and Far Harbor which are coming out in March, April and May respectively. Automatron is a utility based DLC in which a new breed of robots have invaded the Commonwealth. With these robots comes a new layer of gameplay as you “Hunt them down and harvest their parts to build and mod your own custom robot companions. Choose from hundreds of mods; mixing limbs, armor, abilities, and weapons like the all-new lightning chain gun. Even customize their paint schemes and choose their voices!” Let’s not forget about a new villain dubbed ‘The Mechanist’ who has released all of these robots with evil intentions all over the land; typical post-apocalyptic scientists. Adding to the already robust customization of the weapons and settlements, this DLC calls out to the engineers in all of us and does look genuinely interesting. This add-on will be included in the Season pass and sold separately for 9.99 USD. It will release sometime next month.

‘Wasteland Workshop’ takes the customization factor even further! In this small and niche DLC, wastelanders can “design and set cages to capture live creatures — from raiders to Deathclaws! Tame them or have them face off in battle, even against your fellow settlers.” Talk about a personal fight club. There are also a slew of new design options for your settlements. A lot of people took the settlement mechanic with mixed feelings, and I for one, didn’t care either way. This DLC could keep the settlements fresh for those who did invest time in it and push others to take a crack at it. The workshop comes out in April 2016 and for 4.99 USD separately.

By far the one I am most excited for is ‘Far Harbor’. This expansion has been boasted to be the largest of any of the previous games’ DLC released. To be fair, the landmass itself is the largest, not the amount of content playable. In this new case presented by Detective Valentine, you are swept away for “a search for a young woman and a secret colony of synths…. off the coast of Maine to the mysterious island of Far Harbor, where higher levels of radiation have created a more feral world”. Reminiscent of the ‘Point lookout’ DLC from Fallout 3, ‘Far Harbor’ seems to be a desolate swampy mess in the fogged down area of Maine. There will be multiple new enemies, weaponry and areas. This will be a brand new adventure in a far off land with a growing conflict between the synths, the locals and the Children of Atom, with the same aftermath of destruction caused by us, humans, and how we deal with it; “The choices are all yours.” The expansion will be 24.99 USD and comes out in May 2016.

In the Fallout, and even the Elder Scrolls, series, there have been a multitude expansions that keep the respective game alive in the years to come. From the beautiful scenery of ‘Honest Hearts’ to the suave casino of ‘Dead Money’, the universe of Fallout New vegas was kept alive and bustling years after the initial release. Fallout 3, best game in the series in my opinion, had five sets of DLCs which were independent and original stories, in brand new locales. Seeing Bethesda’s track record, it is a no brainer to get the Season pass for Fallout 4, whether you didn’t enjoy the game this far or can’t wait for more. Regardless, I was in for the season pass before the game came out and there will be couple of gems in their future DLC plans too. Get the Fallout 4 season pass for a S.P.E.C.I.A.L price before the end of this month as it goes up from $29.99 to $49.99 after March 1.