A Few Things To Do Right When You Start Paragon

Paragon’s Open Beta has finally arrived. After months of Early Access and making some minor and major changes to the game, it is now open to everyone on PS4 and PC. Paragon is a MOBA, but not in the traditional sense. It is a third person, deck building MOBA that has found its way into the genre. It is still in need of improvements, but Paragon has certainly come along way. If you are new to Paragon here are some things you need to do right when you start to get a good feel for the game.


Build a Deck

Paragon’s most unique aspect is its deck building system. Instead of buying weapons and items and upgrading those, you build a deck of forty cards tailored to your hero. The interesting thing is that you can build any hero anyway to suite your team composition needs. When you jump into Paragon, build a deck so you can understand how it works and what you need to build for your hero.

Explore the Heroes

Each hero is different. It might take some time to find a hero or two that you enjoy playing with. I recommend at least trying each hero so you can understand how each hero plays, but then sticking close with two or three Heroes to really get good at them.


Start Against Bots

If you are new to the MOBA genre then you will probably feel a little awkward getting used to how the game plays. There is more to the game than just killing the enemy players, you need to defend lanes, and take towers. A good way to get your feet wet is to play several bot matches to get the feel of the game before jumping into online play.

Partner Up

If you have a friend that also wants to play, team up. It is a good way to work on playing with other players and laning together. You will learn how to attack and defend in sync and when to use your abilities together to fight off enemy players.


Check out the Forums

The Official Paragon Forums is a great place to seek information on the game. You will find helpful tips and guides to better your play. It is also a great place to find other players and to create a team. The Official Paragon Blog that runs alongside the forum will also have all the updates about the game so you can stay up to date on current community events and what not to make sure you get all the free stuff.