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Fifa 16 Review

Another year means another FIFA game, but this time round EA Sports were under extra pressure to deliver, with Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 impressing both fans and critics alike. …
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Has Pokemon found a home on mobile?

One of the greatest shocks of Nintendo’s E3 conference was the lack of Pokemon. North America and Europe have been treated to Pokemon games from the main series for …
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Lego Marvel’s Avengers Review

Another day another world brought to life by the tiny building...

K Feature
Klaus Review

I walked blindly into ‘Klaus’, with just seeing the trailer and...

Final Fantasy Explorers Review

Right off the bat, Final Fantasy Explorers (FFE for short) has...

The Witness
The Witness review

The Witness is a refreshing change to the action heavy games...

Marble Mountain: A Virtual Reality Adventure

During PAX South 2016 I had the privilege of playing and...

lego star wars the force awakens
When Did I Stop Caring About the Lego Games?

As a child, I used to enjoy playing with Lego, but...

5 Reasons Why You Wouldn’t Want to Live in Skyrim

When looking at a game world, a lot of people think,...

Cancellations and Delays The Hedge Trimmers of Gaming

“Game ABC has been cancelled” or “Game XYZ has been delayed”....

GTA Online Freemode Detailed for PC

Rockstar has announced that a mysterious massive update for Grand Theft...

PolyKnight Games Swoops Into Pax South With InnerSpace

Exploration. An element in video games that has been played out...

Bishop Games’ New Platformer, Light Fall, Comes To PAX South

PAX South 2016 is just around the corner and with it...

eSports 1/4 – 1/11

Activision Blizzard’s acquisition of Major League Gaming On January 1st, Activision...

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