Rise of Iron Kicks Ass

We are back at it again. Once again Destiny pulls you back into its universe with more gear, new story missions and a new raid. I found myself super excited to jump back into it and it was time well spent. Only this time you get to slice aliens in half with an axe! Rock n’ roll!

This go around you are assisting Saladin in driving back the dark forces, this time in the form of the SIVA infected fallen known as Splicers. You make your way back to the Cosmodrome to aid the Iron Lord on his quest.

A lot of what Rise of Iron is, is old turned to new. At one point you revisit the Devil’s Lair strike to finally put down Sepiks Prime. The strike is the same overall but feels reinvented and is just as fun as ever to run through. The new social space is breath of fresh air as you climb atop the Iron Temple to decode, decompress and collect your bounties. There is also a new Crucible game mode, Supremacy, where you hunt down enemy players and collect their crest after the kill.


Simply put, the new expansion is great. The new story missions are actually half way interesting and the mechanics are still as solid as ever. I really enjoyed going back to Earth and going through all the areas again. I feel as though the game is finally rewarding you as it should when you complete challenging tasks. During patrol events I would get three or four engrams and more times than not it would drop a legendary. It makes the grind to level your light up much more enjoyable, and really makes me me want to jump in and play.

Parallel to the last expansion, The Taken King, Rise of Iron has an arena type of area to farm for the precious loot in Archon’s Keep. I really enjoyed the Court of Oryx so this type of area was most welcoming. One interesting addition they included was a book tracking and mapping out all of your Rise of Iron missions. Completing these missions would increase your book level unlocking more loot. These missions could range from simply completing patrol missions to beating the new raid, Wrath of the Machine. It gives you plenty to do to keep you busy.


All in all the expansion is a hell of a good time with some cool new cosmetics, fun missions and of course Gjallarhorn. Who knew all it took to create a good expansion was an axe, some wolves and lots of snow?

*Disclaimer: I have yet to run the raid, however at this point the raid is icing on an enjoyable Destiny cake.