Pokémon Sun & Moon: How Do You Choose?

Pokémon Sun and Moon is out in a few weeks and while I’m very excited for the next Pokémon game, I still have some very important decisions to make. My biggest dilemma is that I don’t even know which game I’m getting! I’ve always passively bought Pokémon; What I mean is I’d buy whichever version my friends or brother wouldn’t get, and that seems to be the case for Sun and Moon. Honestly, I have no preference because I’m used to getting the version nobody wants. When you’re accustomed to it, you just go with the flow and it’s Pokémon, there really isn’t a negative to owning one version over the other.

The legendary Pokémon, Solgaleo and Lunala, on the covers of Sun and Moon respectively look great so I’d be content with settling for either. Sure, Solgaleo the sun lion looks cooler to me than the moon bat Lunala does, but that latter is psychic and ghost which appeals to me more from a moveset perspective.

The second most important decision one has to make with Pokémon is which of the three starters to choose. Personally, I think all three of Rowlet (Grass), Litten (Fire) and Popplio (Water) look great. The last few generations’ starting Pokémon have been a miss for me so it’s awesome to see Sun and Moon have three I’m actually interested in. The designs of Tepig, Chimchar, and many of the other starters throughout the last few generations never grabbed me like Sun and Moon’s do.  Of course, this makes the decision all the more difficult, but that’s a good problem to have.

Among the first evolutions, Popplio interests me the most. It’s adorable and it would always bring a smile to my face as it looks like an animal you’d see at the aquarium bouncing a ball on its head to appease the crowd. The necessity for a water Pokémon because of Surf is always in the back of my mind so Popplio will definitely garner some consideration, but its type is a small thing compared to my preference for the first and final evolutions of these Pokémon. Litten is a cute first form and cats are always great so it gets a bonus in my book. Rowlet’s look is my least favorite among the three, but that definitely changes as they evolve.

Dartrix, Rowlet’s second form, has style in abundance and I’m a big fan of its rebellious but secretive look. Torracat, Litten’s second form, isn’t much different from its younger, more innocent form. It’s disappointing because it simply looks like an older, more mature cat. I feel like it lacks creativity, but oh well. And lastly, Popplio’s evolved form as Brionne is a solid evolution. It retains innocence of its first form and I’m a fan on that.

This is where it becomes critical for me: If I’m going to have these Pokémon throughout my journey, I want them to look awesome, and I must say all three starters look awesome in their final form. Decidueye, the final form of Rowlet, looks mysterious and quite intelligent, like a sage. I like the grass hiding its face and the large wings. Overall it’s a solid looking creature. Incineroar looks badass. Between the stripes on its arms and legs and, coupled with its fire belt, this final evolution of Litten looks like it doesn’t mess around.

Incineroar immediately looks intimidating and is definitely my favorite of the three final evolutions, and a big step up from Litten and Torracat. Primarina, Popplio’s final evolution, is a beautiful creature. It looks gentle and distinguished, maintaining the friendly and happy look of its previous two evolutions. If you’re looking for consistency from all three evolutions, Popplio/Brionne/Primarina definitely offers that.

All in all, I’m impressed with all three starting Pokémon and their evolutions. Some forms are less interesting than others, but they all have their ups and downs from an appearance standpoint. I’ll need these next few weeks to decide who I choose first, but at the moment I’m leaning towards Rowlet, the grass owl as my starter. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been excited for a grass starter, but I could make the case for the water and fire type starters too.

As for the two legendaries, again I prefer Solgaleo’s strong look to Lunala’s wise demeanor, but I prefer Lunala’s elemental affinity. I’d be fine with either and that’s what excites me about Sun and Moon: both versions look great. I wouldn’t be surprised if I wanted Sun one day and Moon the next. Regardless, which version of Pokémon Sun and Moon are you getting and why? Let us know!