Paragon: First Impressions

Over the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of playing Epic Games’ new  MOBA, called Paragon. While I do not claim to be very good at MOBAs, I enjoy the competitive excitement it pulses through me when I play. I have dabbled in other similar games such as League of Legends, Dota, Awesomenauts, and most recently Smite. The genre itself can be hard to get into and even harder to stay in. I believe Epic Games has created a game that every gamer can enjoy, but also a MOBA game that sticks out as unique.

Looks pretty dang good.

First of all the game is a typical MOBA game. You have three lanes, a jungle, buffs, wards, minions the works. The strategy is the same with what you are trying to accomplish: destroy the enemy towers to get to the core to destroy that and win. Paragon is not reinventing the wheel with MOBA games, it is simply giving it a different spin. The most unique thing about Paragon is the card system. In the game, you are not trying to choose between tons of items to equip to make your hero great. You are stocked with a 40 card deck to upgrade your character as you go.

The thing I like most about the card deck is that you can make your hero as different as possible. Let us take Steel for example. He is one of the tanks of the game, can take a plethora of damage, and can stay in lane for a long time. To better aid his ability to tank you can equip him with armor buffs, health increases and more. Or you can build a deck for him that has damage buffs and critical hit increases to create a hybrid monster that can take a hit and also return in kind. All the characters are available for customization and it really opens the game up in terms of customizing a character the way you want to play.

Here is some in game footage:


You will also notice that the game looks just breathtaking. The surrounding landscape is  great to stare out and the characters in game look fantastic. All the explosions, animations and character movement is done very well. The sound in the game is stellar. Each character has their own weapons and abilities giving way to great sound design and implementation. I think my favorite character to play as so far is Gideon. He can really push a lane and has some strong abilities, one of which is he creates a rift in the sky and rains down huge rocks on the enemy.

So far Paragon has been enjoyable. The community thus far has been fairly positive with a few bad bugs here and there but that is typical. The game itself can be a little confusing at first with the card system, but after a few games you get the hang of it. I actually teamed up with some fellow players from the Paragon forums and we played a match together. We ended up dominating the other team. They were very friendly and helpful, it was a blast.

Paragon is currently in Early Access and is available via purchase of a Founders Pack which sits at $19.99. Paragon is available on PC and PS4.

Stay tuned for more Paragon updates as the game progresses.  

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