NX Launch Lineup Predictions

The NX, Nintendo’s mysterious console, finally has a release window of March. We know almost nothing about the console, yet rumors keep on coming. There has been the odd whispers of certain developers already working on NX games, and with the Wii U lineup of 2016 basically non-existent, you can only think that Nintendo has switched its attention to making a solid launch lineup for the NX. But which games can we expect? The Game Bolt team offer their predictions and hopes on what games we’ll see bundled with the NX come 2017.

A True 3D Mario

Super Mario Galaxy

Mario is one of the most expendable Nintendo characters around, from an athlete, to a fighter, and even an astronaut, this little plumber has gone where no other plumber has gone before. He has been featured in so many forms of game-play and wild Nintendo experiments, but it’s the 3D Mario platformers that excite me the most.

While the 2D platformers are great, I don’t know how much further Nintendo can take them, especially after the release of Super Mario Maker. What the NX needs out of the gate is a brand new 3D Mario game that excites and innovates in the same way Mario 64, Mario Sunshine, and Mario Galaxy did. We need something that shows us what the NX is capable of, and blows our overalls off. While Super Mario 3D world was a fantastic Wii U game, it was a little too linear for my liking. I want Nintendo to bring back a hub world with secrets around every corner, and stages with sprawling landscaped that have us coming back to find all the hidden coins and stars without a clock that rushes us to the flagpole. – Jason Betthauser

Super Smash Bros 

Super Smash Bros

Rumors continue to circulate suggesting that a Super Smash Bros game will be be included as part of the NX launch line-up. While there’s been no clarification whether this would be a sequel or a port of the current game on Wii U and 3DS, we’d bet that it’s the latter. It’s only been two years since Smash Bros arrived on Wii U, giving the developers very little time to produce a successor. With Wii U sales one of the lowest ever for a Nintendo console, a lot of gamers have missed out on this generation’s Smash Bros, so it makes sense to release it on Nintendo’s next console.

With characters such as Cloud and Bayonetta recently released as DLC packages, it would make sense to bundle the NX version of Smash Bros with all of the DLC. With extra content a Super Smash Bros port for the NX will surely be welcomed, as who can get tired of crazy combat with all of our favourite video game characters? – Ryan Jones

Fire Emblem Warriors 

Fire Emblem Chrom

Koei Tecmo recently announced that they are developing for the NX. They didn’t give any hints as to what they are making for Nintendo’s next console, just that they are developing something for it. I recently wrote an article saying how great it would be if we were to get Ninja Gaiden 4 soon, but I think Koei Tecmo will be making something Nintendo-specific.

Koei Tecmo and Nintendo saw great success with Hyrule Warriors, and I’d like to think that they are going to work together again soon, but on Fire Emblem Warriors. The Warriors games and Fire Emblem have both seen a lot of success recently, so why not combine the two? There are hundreds of quality characters in the Fire Emblem series, and a lot of different types of fighters, so there is plenty to work with within the Warriors’ gameplay. Fire Emblem’s settings would also lend themselves well to the Warriors’ battlefields. If Koei Tecmo and Nintendo could find a way to include Fire Emblem series staples such as a hard difficulty and permadeath then I’d be more than willing to plough through copious amounts of enemy soldiers with Chrom, Ike, Marth and Co. – Toby Saunders

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda NX

The Legend of Zelda is one of the few games that has already been confirmed for the NX, but it makes its way on our list as it is yet to be announced as a launch title. It’s a pretty safe bet to expect it will be amongst the launch line-up, as it will release simultaneously on the Wii U and NX in March. This is reminiscent to how Twilight Princess launched on both Wii and GameCube. With Nintendo choosing their upcoming Zelda game to be the central focus for this year’s E3, you’d expect them to have a lot of confidence with how the game’s development is progressing and so we can’t help but to have high expectations too.

The Legend of Zelda game for Wii U and NX will mark many new landmarks for the series, such as the first to be developed in HD and to have a true open world. Producer Eiji Aonuma has said that the game will “be a turning point” in the series and a “never seen” game mechanic which will be unveiled at E3. If Nintendo fulfill their promises, then The Legend of Zelda could be the one of the greatest launch titles in history. – Ryan Jones

Final Fantasy Returns To Nintendo 

Final Fantasy

Last year Square Enix revealed that they are bringing Dragon Quest XI to the mysterious NX. This is a rumor so we’ll see when the system launches in March, but the rumor is that Final Fantasy XV and the Final Fantasy VII Remake will also be on Nintendo’s next console, and as a definitive edition. It would be great to see an official Final Fantasy on a Nintendo console again considering the last one was Final Fantasy III, also known as VI, on the Super Nintendo in 1994. Square shifted from Nintendo to Sony with VII and I think it’s time to fix old wounds. I would gladly play Final Fantasy on a Nintendo console, and Square Enix supporting Nintendo could pay dividends as the first major developer/publisher to hop aboard the NX train. – Brett Woodmansee

Ryan Jones is a writer for The Game Bolt. Being a Welshman doesn’t mean he only has sheep in his heart, as he loves film, tv and video games. Follow him on Twitter.