Nordic Games New RPG Hits E3 This Year

With so many different games both rumored and confirmed for this year’s E3, it’s easy for a lot of things to fly under your radar. ELEX on the other hand, is a game that really shouldn’t just be overlooked. Piranha Bytes and Nordic Games will be showcasing their new action role­playing game this year in anticipation of a release early next year. The game is based on an amazing combination of futuristic sci­fi and magical fantasy. What this twist means is that you will be running into things ranging from mechs and soldiers with plasma rifles, to magic, mutants, and castles. All while using a variety of weapons equally as diverse. The name ELEX comes from the element that serves as the world’s unique power source that crashed into the world on a meteor. It is used to power advanced technologies; converted into mana to regrow the world’s nature; and even to make humans stronger and smarter, as well as emotionless.

The game features four different factions the player can join known as guilds. The game is open world letting the player explore the different guilds that are spread among the five different distinct regions in the game. The first three of these guilds each use the Elex in different ways while the fourth is a band outlaws, cleverly named Outlaws, that refuse to side with any of the other three’s extreme ideologies. Instead of having a traditional RPG leveling system, ELEX is very similar to Piranha Bytes previous titles. The player earns skill points then has to spend them on training sessions with different NPC’s. Many of these trainers will more than likely be locked into a specific guild, giving the player more than just ideological motivations for which one to join to ensure they can have the play style they want.

This game has the potential to be a really big hit among RPG lovers across all platforms. However, the game hasn’t released much that would give us an idea on what it’ll really feel like to play besides a handful of screenshots. However, if we look back at Piranha Bytes previous titles again we can try to draw some insight on what we can expect from this game. The studio’s games have been constantly praised for their feelings of adventure, as well as great atmosphere and RPG design. So beautifully crafted world? Check. Rich story and roleplaying elements? Check. Great gameplay and solid mechanics? Hopefully? Without having much shown of this side of the game, it can be hard to judge how well it will measure up compared to some of the more well­known RPG’s. The other games by the studio used its unique leveling system to really change how the gameplay felt depending on your choices. On the other hand, though, the games also suffered from problems with the combat mechanics as well as a wide variety of bugs. Despite this, I am going to remain optimistic about the game and eagerly wait to see what they show us at this year’s E3.

Alex Trunkhill is one of the newest additions to the Game Bolt team.

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