Nintendo Treehouse Live 2016 Review

For much of its fanbase, Nintendo has displayed questionable actions as of late. From the ever decreasing sales of their flagship console, the Wii U, to their subsequent absence at E3 in the traditional conference manner, it’s safe to say Nintendo has had their fans worried for quite some time.

Over the past year, we have eagerly awaited news of Nintendo’s next piece of hardware codenamed the NX, along with the next entry into the popular The Legend of Zelda franchise. Rather than attend E3 in the traditional sense, the Japanese company opted for their usual live event in Nintendo Treehouse Live. Before E3 was officially kicked off, Nintendo announced that the first day of this live event will focus only on the next Zelda title, with a possible appearance of Pokemon Sun and Moon.


Initially skeptical of the games Nintendo announced for this year’s Treehouse live, I couldn’t help but show glimpses of excitement for the event. Once Nintendo of America’s very own Reggie Fils-Aime hit the stage, it was clear that The Legend of Zelda, subtitled Breath of the Wild, would be a critical aspect of the scheduled live events of the week. Not only was a brief trailer shown after Reggie’s introduction, the following five hours was dedicated completely to Breath of the Wild, with a small appearance made by the next Pokemon titles.

In those five hours, much of the Game Bolt staff couldn’t pull themselves away from the screen. From the beautiful art style (which seems to be a mix of Skyward Sword and The Wind Waker), to the vast landscape of the former Hyrule, it’s clear that fans of the series shouldn’t abandon all hope in Nintendo.

This is the Nintendo I’ve been missing, as Breath of the Wild has the usual Nintendo flare along-side the innovation the company is known for. Breath of the Wild seems to borrow from many other titles, including Monster Hunter. For example, Link will have to cook and eat food to gain his health back. Borrowing from Skyward Sword, Link will also have a stamina bar that plays a key role in traversing the terrain of Hyrule.

Nintendo seemingly used this live event to make up for lost time of the previous year. They’ve been relatively silent, until now, with the exception of the promotional art the company sends out. That said, although with a limited number of games shown at Treehouse live, this conference was easily my favorite of the week. Nintendo pours its heart and soul into its titles and conference, especially their live events. That isn’t to say that Nintendo wasn’t physically present at the expo. In fact, they booked a massive portion of the floor to fill with Zelda themed props and other fun attractions. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild also took my Game of the Show award, as it truly did remind me of why Nintendo has always been a prominent aspect of my life.

Michael Mead is the Senior Editor of The Game Bolt and love’s all things Dark Souls and the Legend of Zelda.