Make You Own Trophies! Part Three

Have you ever fallen in love with a fighting game? Was the premise and setting so captivating that you just wanted to keep taking part in match after match?  Or was it a fighting game that features a popular brand you may love? Now, think about the trophies for these fighting games. More often than not, at least in today’s digital day and age, these trophy lists center around online play and mastering challenge modes that require a near-perfect mastery of the controls.

Some of you reading this may be like me in this situation: While I enjoy and appreciate fighting games, I really don’t want to spend the time to perfect all of the combos or mix ups in order for a measly Bronze trophy. Since I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time with different, complex, finger-breaking fighting techniques, here are trophies for those who feel the same, and wish for a simpler, more attainable achievement.

Bronze: Las Vegas- Ultra Street Fighter IV
How do you get it?: Beat arcade mode with Vega three times on any difficulty


I really enjoy playing Street Fighter games, at least until I get to the part where I’ve exhausted the single player portions of the game and am forced to dip my toe into the online segments. Sorry, did I say segments? I mean “beat down,” as I’m pretty bad at the game, thus making it virtually impossible for me to scrap together even something close to a victory online.

That’s why I love cool fighting trophies that don’t focus on the multiplayer portions.  Vega is one of the more interesting characters in Ultra Street Fighter IV’s (USFIV) expansive roster, and this trophy rewards players for at least getting a brief handle on his unique skillset and change ups. Beating arcade three times on easy or very easy is reward enough, but doing so against foes with Vega’s fast paced skills and sometimes uneven Ultra attacks validates this trophy ever more so.

Silver: Third One from the Left- Soulcalibur III
How do you get it?: Complete Chronicle 3 in Chronicles of the Sword


Soulcalibur III has a few different single player modes because at the time, the title did not support online play. Tales of the Souls tells each character’s stories in relation to the main story. World Competition allows for tournaments either against the CPU or human characters. However, my favorite mode has to be Chronicles of the Sword, a mix between arena based combat with pre-determined buffs and debuffs and strategy role playing mechanics.

In this mode, you customize your character, so naturally the one with blue hair, blue tinged armor and an oversized sword came from the mind of my 13 year old self. Then, you select a playstyle from the main characters, such as Siegfried, Raphael, or Cervantes. Chronicle 3 in particular is the first chapter that really amps up the action, where you’ll have to maneuver your team through some tricky situations in order to match up the fighters that stand the best chance in each encounter.

Gold: Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends- Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
How do you get it?: Win 500 matches with a team that consists of Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Iron Man.


I’d feel a lot more confident about this clever trophy title if you could actually play as Iceman and Firebird as well. But beggars can’t be choosers, so I picked the two characters that probably have the best chemistry with Spider-Man. Doctor Strange allows for a mystic approach that challenges Spider-Man’s belief in science, while Tony Stark has often taken Spider-Man under his wing a number of times.

You should be able to hit that 500 match mark in a number of ways. Arcade mode on an easier difficulty allows you to plough through the fights, while Heroes and Heralds mode is a great way to take on more challenging opponents while getting in several matches in quick succession. Just keep in mind that the trophy is more about playing the long game, gradually playing match after match with that team, instead of trying to crank out 50 matches in one day.

Fighting game trophy lists have some of the best, coolest, and most inventive trophies out there, but the large amount of online trophies are a huge turn off for me. Just beating upon a dumb A.I. is great to kill some time. Now, go out there and beat up on all these games to snag some great pretend trophies, and let us know how you do!

Liam Crossey is the Executive Editor of Features for The Game Bolt. Follow him on Twitter  for too many retweets.