Make Your Own Trophies! Part Seven

It’s summertime. You’re either trudging through your backlog, since there aren’t as many new releases coming out each month, or you’re obsessed with the latest “big thing,” whether it be Pokemon Go or Overwatch. Trophies are a great investment for this time, since they allow gamers to save some money while picking apart a game that either came out last week, month, or year. While you’re trying to perfect each game, out of financial necessity or pure interest, here are three different trophies you can aim for if you come across these three games.

Bronze: CARL!! – Dying Light
How do you get it?: Kill a million zombies

Techland’s Dying Light presents players with an open world that is filled with thousands upon thousands of zombies. From the moment you’re set loose in Haran, there is never a shortage of the undead. In fact, aside from the game’s large and diverse world, the game easily generates hundreds of zombies on screen at once. It’s impressive, and mandatory to the game itself, as you’ll hack, slash, burn, explode, and do everything in between to get out of Haran.

Just cleaning up the main story quests, you’ll probably kill close to ten thousand zombies.

However, to see and do everything, you’ll have to complete side quests and missions that lead you to slay thousands of more zombies. I don’t think it would be hard to kill a million zombies, and, between the cool weapons and easy to use traps, you’ll definitely be able to hit the million mark, despite a kill counter letting you know how far you’ve come.

Silver: Space Ship Pilot Extraordinaire – Galaga
How do you get it?: Grab the second ship 100 times

Galaga was an arcade game in the eighties where players were tasked with shooting down a multitude of alien ships. It’s pretty fun, and several classic arcade collections have sprouted up over the years that contain this top down classic.

Throughout the game, you’ll confront a second ship that takes a few more hits to take down. If you hit it, you’ll have the chance to wear a second ship that allows you to take an extra hit. The second ship also allows you to shoot more, and it’s easier to take down the following waves, which only grow harder and harder as the game progresses. Grab this trophy, and it’ll show some serious commitment to a game that’s only grown harder as the years have passed.

Gold: Winter Has Come – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
How do you get it?: Complete all quests as a character named Jon Snow

Game of Thrones is arguably one of the biggest intellectual properties as of right now. Last season is what many may consider to be the show’s best season. Yet, aside from the Telltale Games’ series, there aren’t any games recently released to invoke the feeling of power and “wow,” in a high fantasy setting. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is also seeing a high end remaster to be released this November, so why not revisit the game and complete it all over again?

Jon Snow, one of the show’s main characters, is a man of the Night’s Watch, and this trophy will see players take over the dark, wintery landscape of Skyrim. It seems similar to Westeros, so completing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to 100% may be almost like conquering Westeros, with giants taking the place of White Walkers.

Need more trophy or achievement ideas in the gaming lull of the middle of summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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