Make Your Own Trophies! Part Eight

Whenever I boot up a new video game, one of the first things I do is check out the trophy list. Can I platinum it? Will I spend a lot of time with this game? Do these trophies make sense? Some games are missing some really obvious trophies. Complete a chapter in Telltale? You get a trophy! Beat a campaign mission in the latest Call of Duty? Trophy time! Sure, I’m no game developer. I just thought it would make sense for the following games to have trophies surrounding the mentioned events.

Bronze: Just Like Old Times – Batman: Arkham Knight
How do you get it?: Beat down Penguin’s thugs with Nightwing, your first protégé

Nightwing and Batman have an incredibly expansive history together. Dick Grayson was Batman’s first Robin, and perhaps the one true Robin. As he grew older, Grayson began to branch away from Batman. The costumed vigilante sought independence and began to craft his own identity as Nightwing. Instead of operating out of Gotham, however, Nightwing headed to Bludhaven, serving as their protector. Occasionally, he returns to Gotham to help Batman out, but he never stays for too long.

Nightwing has also grown to become a very popular comic book character. Aside from Grayson, his own comic line, Nightwing has his own series as a part of DC’s Rebirth comic line. I was stoked to see the youngest member of the flying Grayson return. This should be documented, gosh darnit! He’s the greatest partner to one of the most beloved superheroes of all time! Show some love for Nightwing, fam.

Silver: Eye of the Tiger- Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
How do you get it?: Get a headshot while on the train during a Crushing playthrough.

Granted, this is a very specific trophy for the above specifications, but there’s still an important point to be made. Crushing playthroughs in the Uncharted series can be brutal. Drake’s constantly faced with a near limitless supply of enemies who can drop him in a few shots. You’ll rely on carefully placed headshots to make it through each level unscathed.

In Chapters 13 and 14, Drake is faced with dozens of enemies on the train. However, the tight corridors mean players are likely to snag a headshot or two. It’s also a very tough level on Crushing. In that case, I would have loved to see a trophy pop as I nail a headshot on the top of the train cars moving at a breakneck speed through the tunnels.

Gold: Mixtape Incoming –PaRappa the Rapper
How do you get it?: Complete the game

PaRappa the Rapper was released as a PSOne game way back in 1997. This means it has never been attached with achievable trophies. The rhythm based game tells the tale of PaRappa as he is trying to become a rapper. Crazy, I know. The colorful aesthetic mixed with the overall fun tone of the game covers up the basic rhythm based mechanics.

If this game did have trophies, there should definitely be one for completing the main game. This is because at points, especially now, it can feel very boring. However, I remember playing the original version of the game, and it was very unresponsive. So slap a gold trophy on that game, and reward players for working as hard as a rapping dog does work.

Are there any games missing on this list? What trophies do you think definitely should exist? Let us know in the comments below!

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