What we learned from the Pokemon Sun/Moon trailer

Earlier today, The Official Pokemon Channel hit us with a brand new trailer of Pokemon Sun/Moon with more detail crammed in than food in Snorlax’s gut. From the new starter Pokemon, to the release date, we learnt a lot from a 2 minute trailer. If you’ve yet to see the trailer, then take a look below:

But is there anything hidden in the background that might reveal even more information? The Game Bolt is here to dissect the trailer frame by frame.

Starter Pokemon

Early on in the trailer, we got a look at the new starter Pokemon, Rowlet, Litten and Poppilo. Once again, Nintendo have gone for the grass, fire and water trio, which will be given to you by Professor Hala (named after a Hawaiian tree on this occasion). But which starter should you pick? This is one of the most important decisions of your gaming life, so we’ll go through each one with as much detail as possible!


Rowlet is the grass quill Pokemon, which has the appearance of a small owl. It’s the only starter of this generation to have two types (for their first forms at least) as he is predictably the flying type as well as grass. In its description, Rowlet is said to be able to fly silently through the sky, so it can sneak up on opponents and deal a powerful kick. Rowlet can also nearly twist its head 180°, as can be seen in the trailer as it turns its head to receive instructions from its trainer. Rowlet is also the only starter of this generation to already have a new attack, as it knows the move Leafage from the moment you meet it.


The internet is full of cat lovers, and so Nintendo decided to act on this by making the fire starter a feline. Litten is said to attack its opponents with flaming hairballs (which has to cause a great number of itchy throats). By licking its oily and flammable fur, it is able to fuel its fireball attacks. Litten knows the move Ember from the very beginning, but hopefully it will learn some weird hairball move. While Litten is only fire type, its black and red appearance suggests that it could possibly be a dark type too in its later forms.


Poppilo is by the far the most goofy looking starter of Sun/Moon, but we hope that only means that it will look especially more badass once it reaches its final form. Poppilo is known to exceed speeds of 25mph while swimming, but is able to make water balloons on land which enables it perform acrobatic jumps and stunts. Poppilo is only water type, but could very possibly gain a new type at a later evolution stage. It knows the move Water Gun from the start, but with its skill at producing water balloons, it’s expected that it will start using them for combat.


While deciding on a starter Pokemon is most definitely the hardest decision to make in the game, the second is no easy task either as we have to decide whether we want to buy Sun or Moon. While no story details have been released as of yet, we did get to see the brand new legendaries. While the names of the legendaries have yet to be revealed, a rumour from a few months back suggested that they were Solgaleo and Lunaala after the names were trademarked by a lawyers firm. With the name Solgaleo containing the word “leo”, it was thought to represent a lion, and now we can see that the Legendary Pokemon from Sun is indeed a lion, we can only believe that these names are genuine.

Solagaleo looks like a huge lion that has spent too much time at the gym. When it powers up its attack, a blue symbol seems to appear on its forehead. Lunaala, on the other hand, looks like a majestic bat, which would make sense due to it representing Pokemon Moon. When preparing to attack, six glowing spheres seem to appear to create some sort of energy. Both legendaries look special, and it will be interesting to see how they are connected to the game’s stories.

Alola Region

As many fan theorists predicted, Pokemon Sun/Moon’s new region is based in Hawaii, or the “Alola Region” as known in the Pokemon universe. The palm trees, colourful flowers and sparkling ocean makes up a beautiful scenery, which leaves us excited to explore the whole island. The trailer gives us a look at a portion of the island, as it contains an urban town, a potential volcano and a mysterious cave. The region was one of the highlights of the trailer, as Sun/Moon seeks a new approach rather than the typical grasslands of previous generations.

Release Date

Last but not least, the end of the trailer revealed the release date of Pokemon Sun/Moon. The game will release on November 18th, 2016 so you can rest at ease in case you were worried that another Nintendo game would be delayed until 2017. This means that we only have 6 months until we can get our hands on the 7th generation of Pokemon. That may sound like a decent amount of time, but we need that time to make the important decisions of which starter to pick or even which version of the game to pick up.

So there’s all the information we were able to squeeze out of the trailer. Of course, there’s other details that sharp-eyed fans have picked out such as being able to customise your outfit once again, and the predictable return of the day/night cycle considering the games are called Sun and Moon. What are you most excited for? What other additions would you like to see? Comment below, and join in the discussion of the highly anticipated Pokemon Games! But for now, it’s time to blast off.

Ryan Jones is a writer for The Game Bolt. Being a Welshman doesn’t mean he only has sheep in his heart, as he loves film, tv and video games. Follow him on Twitter.