Keoken Interactive’s New Space Game: Deliver Us The Moon

This year the Electronic Entertainment Expo will be a big one and that is saying a lot, in comparison to last years show (Shenmue 3 fans I’m looking at you). We can only hope that these companies bring bigger ideas to the table and create new ways to improve and innovate the industry. In my opinion it may not be the big guys that turn a new corner but the indie developers that pave a new road. I am always on the lookout for a new space exploration video game. Of course we have the likes of No Man’s Sky and Mass Effect that lead the push and it can be argued that NMS is an indie game (and obviously we are still waiting for NMS to release), but I am always on the hunt for a smaller dev to show me something big. I may have found something in Deliver Us The Moon, created by Keoken Interactive. Let me explain.

There are lots of ways to showcase the dark and mysterious places that is outer space. Many games such as EVE, Dangerous Elite and Mass Effect usually head the route of massive space battles, material gathering and galactic domination. This is not a bad thing. These games are very popular and are have their own following. What I think Keoken is doing with their space game is creating a feeling of what being space is. Possibly leaning towards more of an experience and narrative maybe like Everybody Has Gone To The Rapture. Check out the story teaser trailer below.

Off the bat the game intrigues me in a number of ways. Space is a big place. So big that a feeling of loneliness and emptiness become real emotions that really set in. The video says that the human race is on the brink of extinction due to the depletion of resources and you are the Earth’s last hope. You are tasked with launching to the moon to do something that will save the world. The plot may seem very unoriginal but what pulls me in is that you seem to be all alone (along with your handy dandy robot companion, ASE). I am curious to see how Keoken goes about immersing you into the experience and structuring an atmosphere where you begin to feel as though you are by yourself trying to save the world. At least I hope they take that route.


Space can be a complicated setting to tell a good story and make a good game. There are so many directions to take and many of them are good ones. I personally feel as though the space game genre could use a fresh take on itself. It seems Deliver Us The Moon may take the road less traveled here and birth a new space experience. Only time will tell.

Keoken Interactive will be showcasing Deliver Us The Moon at this year’s E3 event. Stay tuned for more.

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