Fallout 4: Wasteland Workshop Showcase!

It’s nearly been a month since the Wasteland Workshop DLC came out for Fallout 4 and boy howdy has the settlement building community been well at work in making the Commonwealth seem like a liveable place where everything isn’t trying to kill you. I’ve been watching the community and have collected some pretty interesting builds that are impressive in their execution, mechanics, or design. Here are a few that have wowed me.

Cyberpunk Alley by Reddit user WalkerofTheWastes

WalkerofTheWastes did an amazing job by making the Hangman’s Alley settlement look filled in. With only a few settlement mods that added neon signs and the place anything mod, this tightly packed settlement boasts some pretty impressive visuals which looks like it belongs in the world of the commonwealth.

Check out reddit user u/WalkerofTheWastes and the full imgur album here.

Abernathy Tower by Reddit user ost168

Although lacking in interior decorations, ost168’s skyscraper at Abernathy farms is a pretty impressive feat with its sheer size and the effort it took to build such a large structure. It makes excellent use of Abernathy Farm’s high build ceiling and ione impressive build in terms of scope.

Check out reddit user u/ost168 and the full imgur album here.

A Fallout 4 Hearth by Reddit user ProximaTop

This is a simple project but one that’s made possible by the addition of concrete walls and the new fire sources from the Wasteland Workshop. It’s a lovely little hearth in the otherwise unforgiving wastes.

Image credit goes to reddit user ProximaTop.

Fallout Blimp by reddit user MiIitiaGrunt

With a design to rival the Prydwin herself, MiIitiaGrunt has created a zeppelin in the sky over Abernathy Farms to tackle the Commonwealth with. Oddly enough it looks like Halo’s Pillar of Autumn and comes complete with an artillery battery, power armor bay, and self-sustaining food supply. It’s got everything a militant force needs to look after the Commonwealth.

Image credit goes to user u/MiIitiaGrunt and the full imgur album can be found here.

Mechanist’s Lair by Reddit user squirelieygrrrl

I’ve seen some impressive builds for the Machinist’s Lair but this one by u/squirelieygrrrl is pretty high up on my list of well decorated settlements. It manages to keep with the aesthetic of the Lair but has a lived in feel to it with is difficult to manage for most builders. Check out this pretty thorough walk through of the Lair itself.

Video credit goes to u/squirelieygrrrl

Spectacle Island Hunting Reservation by Reddit user Dmoss23

This might be one of the most inventive builds I’ve come across. User Dmoss23 turned Spectacle Island into a Radstag Hunting Reservation. It’s a nifty place that has a purpose outside of a regular everyday settlement where the denizens of the Commonwealth can come and hunt the gentle and elusive radstag for sport. The imgur album is pretty massive and boasts some pretty great shots. I’ve only included a few here but it just doesn’t do justice to the bigger picture.

Image credit goes to u/Dmoss23 and you should really check out the full album here.

Boston Police Memorial Wall by Reddit user Tallboringmike

Tallboringmike made a pretty meaningful and well thought out tribute to the fallen members of the 2016 Boston Police. In a sea of murder, hopelessness, and destitution that is the Commonwealth it’s nice to see something that holds meaning outside of the game world as well.

Image credit to u/Tallboringmike and check out the full album here.

*Mike also wanted to reach out from the greater Boston Community to all his fellow Fallout players and anyone affected by the loss of someone in the line of duty. May 29th marks the Boston Run to Remember, the benefits of which go to the local communities supported by the Boston Police Runner’s Club

Thanks to r/falloutsettlements and all the contributors to the article!

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