Fallout 4: Final Three DLC’s Announced

The releases of console mods on to the Xbox One and the last DLC, Far Harbor, have been the greatest moments for Fallout 4 since its original release in November. Last year Fallout 4 was unveiled at E3 and the game made another appearance this year at Bethesda’s conference, where we got our first looks at what is coming next for the game. The good news is the first of these new DLC’s is launching next week. The bad news, though, is that new story content is still a bit far off.

Fallout-4-DLC-104 contraptions

Next week’s DLC is the Contraptions Workshop. The major additions this DLC brings are sorting machines, conveyor belts, and a ball track, so start planning out your Rube Goldberg machines. The release video also showcased Armor and Weapon racks, player elevators, and stockades. Coming sometime in July is Vault-Tec Workshop which will let players build their very own vaults. This DLC will be bringing some story and quest elements along with it, likely very similar to Automatron. There already is a mod that allows players to construct their own vaults, but it seems like this will be a lot more user friendly, plus having some quests to go with it is a nice addition. On top of all that, players are able to run their own vault experiments on their settlers, though to what extent is unknown.

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The final DLC of the game, aptly named Nuka-World, will be coming out sometime in August and will take place inside a massive pre war amusement park themed around the game’s signature Nuka Cola. Not much is known yet about Nuka-World, however Fallout 4’s director Todd Howard has said that it will have a lot story and that he wanted the last DLC “to go out with a big one.”fallout-4-dlc-nuka-world

Nuka-World seems like it will be embracing the zany side of Fallout wholeheartedly with it taking place in an amusement park dedicated to soda pop. This puts it in line with the Mothership Zeta and the Old World Blues DLC’s from the last two Fallouts. While I completely expect Nuka-World to blow Mothership Zeta out of space, I don’t have high hopes of it leaving the same impression on me that I was left with Old World Blues. Old World Blues provided me with the one time in a video game where thirty minutes of solid dialogue didn’t feel like a drain and left me wanting it to go on, instead of just wanting to skip through all of it. Even if Nuka-World ends up being the best thing in all of Fallout 4, the game just isn’t written in a way that leads to very much interesting dialogue most of the time, and is really all just centered around the gameplay. Having three ways to say yes and a no (that still means yes) makes the game interactions more often than not boring and repetitive. The game is even prepared for you to just skip through the dialogue with your character muttering under their breath and saying things like “uh hu” and “mhmm” when you do just rush through it.

The streamlined dialogue leads me into my much bigger problem with Nuka-World, that with this being the final DLC, it will leave the game feeling incomplete. The DLC has done very little to add things that have been relevant to the main game outside of settlement constructions, but that was really just a side feature of the game, albeit an enjoyable side feature. Traveling with Nick Valentine through Far Harbor was great, but the game doesn’t really acknowledge who I am in any way besides that I am an amateur detective. Nevermind that I am the Director of the Institute. Instead of warning DiMA that I am with the Institute, why can’t I promise him immunity, or work with him to try and improve life for Synths? But the problems with the DLC’s goes past missed opportunities.

In response to watching a rain of teddy bears fall on top of Mama Murphy in the trailer for the next DLC, youtuber RoyalPanda writes:

“So instead of fleshing out characters past couple annoying lines of dialogue Bethesda builds dlc to torture and snark at them. I’d take a quest line where Longs can move on from loss of their kid and Mama Murphy acting like normal person after getting off chems, over throwing teddy bears and moon monkeys at NPCs who don’t know any better.”

No matter how good Nuka-World is, it won’t fix these things that just feel unfinished. While modders can hopefully one day restore some of the great content that was cut from the final game, they can’t necessarily call up all the different voice actors and ask them to come and record new lines for quests that create entire character arcs for people like the Long couple and Mama Murphy. Past that is the main game’s ending. I just became the Director of the Institute. I made some very hard choices so that way I could be in this positions so I could try to make a real difference and help people’s lives. I want to start getting rights for synths and using our technology and power to make a bigger difference in the Commonwealth than the Minutemen could ever hope too. There’s also some rather big messes that the Institute has left which I would love to clean up. Looking at you Super Mutants. But instead everybody acts like Father died yesterday and I am still really busy mourning his loss. It’s time to move on guys, and move forward.

What Fallout 4 needs is a DLC like Broken Steel that lets us see the next chapter of the Commonwealth. If you want me to engross myself in your story at least give me some form of closure. I’d even take just some end credits narrated by Ron Perlman that just tell me what happened to all the different groups in the commonwealth, the way they did it in Fallout New Vegas.

These next DLC’s look like they will bring hours of enjoyment to the game, but they won’t be bringing me the closure I need. Perhaps I just have the blues for the old world of Fallout.

Alex Trunkhill, the fish, is a writer for The Game Bolt and loves playing a wide variety of games on Xbox with his friends. He also likes to spend time writing Fanfictions for said games that will probably never be finished but you can find him there under aiex72