Fallout 4 Desperately Needs a Lovecraftian DLC

Oddity and absurdity are far from uncommon in the Fallout games. Just take the Mothership Zeta DLC for Fallout 3 or the Wild Wasteland perk in New Vegas. Bethesda loves to toy with completely out of place content for their various series and Fallout 4 is no exception. As a thoroughly read Lovecraft enthusiast, the few references to Howard Philips Lovecraft and his works filled my heart with joy. More so an apprehensive joy as the dread crept into my person as I realized the horrors I might be staring down. But joy nonetheless.

For those who have no idea who H.P Lovecraft is, I have one word, Cthulu. H.P Lovecraft is an early 20th century science-fiction, horror writer who pioneered cosmic horror on a level matched only by Clark Ashton Smith and Edgar Allen Poe. He is responsible for creating the Cthulu mythos with the other elder gods and monsters such as Nyarlothep, Yig, Yog-sthoth, and the eternally sleeping Cthulu itself.

Within Fallout 4 there are a few nods towards his work. [Don’t worry, only super minor spoilers!] One of which involves an aptly named dig site called “The Dunwich Borers,” which is a reference to Lovecraft’s “The Dunwich Horror.” Then there’s also “Pickman’s Gallery” which is another direct reference to one of his stories, “Pickman’s Models.” And there’s another one that’s veiled a bit in one of Bethesda’s own stories about a family with a dark secret that exists in the Commonwealth.


In each instance, you are treated to some pretty twisted and supernatural events that change the way the player looks at the Commonwealth. With ancient artifacts that twist the minds of NPC’s and horrid dreams of blood rituals long gone, there’s nothing stopping Bethesda from turning loose some cosmic horrors into the Wasteland. And quite frankly, I hope for this more than anything else they’ve ever done.

I can see it now. A new underwater facility is discovered by denizens of the Commonwealth in the vastly unused sea to the east of the map. As the player dives to the bottom of the ocean and enters a long forgotten tomb, they unleash all sorts of horrible aberrations onto the Commonwealth. Formless Shoggoths roam the streets, enveloping Super Mutants and Raiders alike. The plant creature from Pluto’s Moon, Yugoth, give the Synths a run for their money on their uncanny valley factor. And the real monster that took down the Castle shows up as a mass of tentacles in a Shadow of the Colossus style boss fight that has the player character facing down something worthy of all their time spent building settlements and developing faction relationships.


Other worldly elements already exist within Fallout 4, and instead of doing the tired trope of bug eyed, green alien men who abduct cows in flying saucers, I would lose mind if Bethesda decided to take a more horror based take on their aliens this time around. I dunno, maybe the files the mod community dug up about under water combat might yield something but who knows. Bethesda, you’re sitting on a pop culture gold mine here. Don’t screw this up!