The Game Bolt’s E3 2016 Predictions! Ubisoft Edition

No new Assassin’s Creed to show off this year means hundreds, if not thousands, of people are going to speculate whether or not we will see the next Watch Dogs at the show. Ubisoft doesn’t just have Watch Dogs to show off, though. South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Ghost Recon: Badlands, For Honor, all of these games were shown last year, and we don’t have 2016 release dates for any of them. Besides unannounced new IPs, the aforementioned titles, and VR titles with their partnership with SpectreVision, Ubisoft sure has a plethora of possibilities for their 2016 presentation

Watch Dogs 2 confirmed- Ryan

It’s been two years since Ubisoft introduced us to Watch Dogs. They hyped us up with the endless possibilities of controlling the environment with your mobile phone, and using wit and gadgets to overcome your enemies rather than the typical barrage of bullets in video games. However, the game was met with disappointment, as the game had more limitations than expected, and the repetitive missions became more of a chore. Despite this, it is widely expected that a sequel will be announced this E3, and while the first game was unable to reinvent the code, it had plenty of moments to suggest that this is a series brimming with potential. Hopefully Ubisoft can repeat history and make the second game of the series a ground-breaking success as they did with Assassin’s Creed 2.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Gets a Release Window (January-March 2017)- Liam

I couldn’t have been the only one who was quite surprised at the announcement of a new South Park game from Matt and Trey, right? After a tortuous development process, with the famed South Park and Book of Mormon creators themselves stating how hellish it was to get the game out, Cartman and the gang showed up to spoof your favorite superheroes. I’m genuinely excited for this game, as The Stick of Truth is a must play for fans of the RPG-genre, and I think it’ll hit right in the middle of the superhero zeitgeist. I doubt they’d release the game this year, especially with how crowded the fall is already shaping up for be. Early 2017 looks to be a safe release window, due to somewhat tempered competition, especially now since Platinum’s brand is very much more tarnished after the public negative reaction to TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Given a Release Date – Tyla

The sequel to the cult classic, has been plagued by a tumultuous development cycle, with the game seemingly in development hell, where it shares tea and cookies with The Last Guardian. Fans of the original title have been clambering for any news regarding this title and on numerous occasions have been told that the game is still in active development. Hopefully at E3, it will finally put down the tea and cookies and return to the real world and into the loving arms of fans and newcomers the world over.

Rayman Legends Sequel Gets Announced – Toby

Rayman Origins and Legends were both good, we all know that, but we know that Ubisoft can go one better with a third entry. A new game can combine the looks of Legends with the length of origins. With a more exciting story as well, Ubisoft can make the best Rayman game yet with this new one. I hope this happens, but to be honest, it seems like a long shot as Ancel appears to be making the aforementioned Beyond Good & Evil 2.

For Honor News – Brett

For Honor, Ubisoft’s medieval sword fighting game, has garnered a lot of hype and rightfully so. I think Ubisoft should show a nice demo and announce an open beta. For Honor looks badass, but people need to know how the game actually plays and I think it would be wise to put it in as many hands as possible  before release. The game has received positive press already, people just need a means to play it.

Ubisoft may have a very dynamic show this year, and I think our predictions show that. What from Ubisoft are you looking for? Tell us below in the comments!

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