Best Indies of E3 – TGB E3 2016 Awards

Indie games played quite a role in some of the conferences of this year’s E3. EA announced a new program aptly titled EA Originals. Which was created to help indie devs create the games they want to make, with the resources they need. During Microsoft’s conference, a representative of ID@Xbox (Another program designed to help indie developers) spoke of some of the bigger indies coming to the Xbox Platform. Inside, Cuphead, Below, and We Happy Few were all shown. So let’s get on with it and shout out what our favorite indies shown at E3 were!

The BIG Winner – We Happy Few: We Happy Few had gotten a new, and quite exciting, trailer during Microsoft’s conference at E3. I’ve personally been pretty interested in the game since its Kickstarter back in early 2015, and the trailer has cemented that huge interest. The trailer had shown what the game is about: it’s about this city where everybody takes a daily dose of a drug named Joy, and the protagonist shown in the trailer, just stops taking it. This causes the entirety of the populace turn against him, labeling the protagonist as a “downer”.  The trailer ends with him getting beaten down by an officer as he tries to escape.

The game pulls inspiration from Bioshock, and really looks to be its own entity in the massive indie market. It looks like Compulsion Games have succeeded in making the game into something to behold and experience. I for one can’t wait to explore Wellington Wells and getting to know what makes the people tick.

The AWESOME Runner-Up – Below: Below from Capybara Games has been shrouded in mystery since its announcement during Microsoft’s conference at E3 2013. Not much has been shown about the game, a thing that I’m sure is intentional. But, both Microsoft and Capybara are always letting everyone know the game is coming. Nothing new was shown of the game at E3 2016, just a glimpse of gameplay in a small trailer capturing the Xbox One’s biggest upcoming indie games.

But that mystery and the experience Capybara has with making excellent games, it’s hard not to be extremely excited for the game. What has been described as an isometric dungeon-crawler RPG with dazzling graphics and mechanics. It’s something I’ve been intrigued to see more of since it was first announced, a sort of craving to delve into the game and see what Capybara has made this time. It’s scheduled for this year and I can’t wait to play it and see why Capybara hasn’t said much about the game.

That wraps up our winners for best indies of E3 2016. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to comment down Below (bahahaha) and let us know what your favorite indie games at E3 this year were!

Kyle Inman is a writer for The Game Bolt. His love of JRPGs has bolstered a life full of video games and a deep admiration for them. He plays a bit too much, but that just adds to his character. Behold his words of wisdom about games and geeky things on Twitter.

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