Agent: 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Write an Off E3 Appearance

In terms of games that have gone dark after a major reveal at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Rockstar’s Agent is near the top of the list. Appearing in 2006 as a PlayStation 3 exclusive, Agent then disappeared, only to resurface in numerous forms, such as trademark renewals and concept art. Take-Two and Rockstar have been teasing a major announcement in the upcoming weeks, and E3 falls within that time period. While their financial earnings and reports from the company specifically state Rockstar will not launch a game for the remainder of the fiscal year, that doesn’t prevent any major announcements for 2017 releases.

Enter The Agent, and three reasons why you can’t write off an E3 revival of the long thought dead project.

3) It’s New Enough

Take-Two and Rockstar have announced the developer is “hard at work” on new games. One of the games is definitely the sequel to Red Dead Redemption, as made evident by the leaked map a few weeks back. Karl Slatoff, Take-Two President, did say at the previous earnings meeting Rockstar is working on diversifying their IP portfolio. Bringing back Max Payne and Manhunt would not fulfill this statement. It may be something we’ve never seen before, something brand new yet still open world.

However, Rockstar has still renewed the trademark for Agent ever since 2006, there’s been no report that it has been officially cancelled, and it would be a lot easier for them to finely tune and perfect a game they already have, rather than create something brand new. Agent won’t be Rockstar’s big gun, between development on GTA VI and the new Red Dead, so it stands to reason they’ll want something new which won’t take them a million years to finish.

2) Rockstar (Kinda) Owes Sony

Rockstar, Take-Two, and Sony have a great relationship in regards to the PlayStation and their own titles. Take-Two’s published games always fared much better on the PS3 in comparison to most third party multiplatform titles. Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City were also major PS2 exclusives during the heyday of wired DualShock controllers.

It stands to reason, then, that Rockstar owes Sony. Now, the Japanese-based publisher won’t shake Rockstar down to get an exclusive; that’s just bad business. Judging from how the GTA PS2 trilogy was used as launch titles for PS4’s PS2 backwards compatibility program, and the PS4 is projected to sell 60 million units by April of 2017, therein lies a strong possibility that Rockstar may be considering to launch a PlayStation exclusive game, and what better way to do it than to bring back a title long thought dead?

Speaking of zombies…

1) It’s Significant of a Certain Trend

Artwork from Agent

“What is Dead May Never Die,” is a title of the third episode of the second season of Game of Thrones. However, it can also sum up the past five years of entertainment. Paul Walker was brought back for the end of Fast and Furious 7 with CGI, we’re getting a Power Rangers movie, Shenmue III was brought back via Kickstarter, and Rare is developing games again. This is especially indicative of the games industry. Last year at E3 alone, we saw The Last Guardian, a Final Fantasy VII Remake, the previously mentioned Shenmue III, new trailers for Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV, and the tortured Doom. With the exception of Final Fantasy XV and maybe Doom, all those games were previously considered dead and gone.

Agent definitely belongs in this category, and the resourcefulness of both publishers and developers indicate that literally anything is possible. Just from the rumors floating around this E3, we heard that we may get a re-reveal of Prey 2 and a brand new entry/reboot of the Resident Evil series. Agent comes from a developer and publisher objectively better than a majority of the developers, and if they want to make it work, they will. Sure, Rockstar sets trends, but they also validate them. Agent would show the industry you can bring back the dead, albeit in the form of a sick AAA game.

What do you think? Do you think a revival of Agent is an impossible mission? Or are we due up for a big, ole’ Rockstar surprise? Give us a shout in the comments below!

Liam Crossey is the Executive Editor of Features for The Game Bolt. Follow him on Twitter  for too many retweets.