The Game Bolt is dedicated to creating unique and consistent content intended to enlighten gamers all around the world.  We do not classify ourselves as a news site or reviews website.  The Game Bolt was founded in order to allow everyday gamers to express their respective opinions on current events and games on all platforms.  We hope to achieve this through written content, video content, and podcasts.

Review Scale

Here at The Game Bolt, we do not believe that assigning a numerical score to a game is a fair way of representing its overall quality.Instead, The Game Bolt has implemented a scale that we feel is more suitable and straightforward, which consists of 3 overall verdicts: Play, Wait, and Skip.


Simply put, games in the ‘Play’ category are ones that we recommend you play. Few issues a game may have are offset by other elements of this title being great. Playing games in this category is time well spent.


A game that we assign a verdict of a ‘Wait’ to, is one that has some good qualities, however there are a few notable issues that hold the game back considerably. Also included in the ‘Wait’ category, are games that we feel have game-breaking bugs that hopefully will be sorted out in the future, and games that we feel it’s content doesn’t justify a full price purchase.


If we give a game a ‘Skip’, we recommend you don’t come near it. Although a game under this category may have one or two positives, they are greatly outweighed by the negatives. These games are not worth your time and/or money.

The Game Bolt Seal of Approval

Seal of Approval

This award is saved for truly special games that have attained a great feat. The Game Bolt awards our Seal of Approval to acknowledge the outstanding achievement of these  uncommon gems. We consider games that receive this award a must play.