A Letter To Our Readers

Hey there, long time no see! How are you? How are the kids?

In all seriousness, to our readers, friends and gamers alike: we have always strived to deliver you the best content that we possibly can here at The Game Bolt. We take pride in our reviews, features, podcasts, so on and so forth, and we’ve always felt The Game Bolt represents the goodness of gaming. People from all across the world and all walks of life have come together, writing together about video games because it’s fun and we’re so passionate about the medium. Whether it’s to grow as a writer in hopes of earning a job in the industry someday, or to share your thoughts because you have something interesting to say, The Game Bolt has been for the people who want to express themselves.

Unfortunately, many of us here feel we’ve slowly been losing that desire to write and talk about video games. This isn’t any one person’s fault, we all have our own aspirations and desires so we feel that it’s best to take a step back. A few of us have been lucky enough to land full time jobs, and we’re grateful for everyone and their contributions over the last few years but it was only a matter of time before we all moved on and found new platforms and places to share our thoughts.

Ultimately though we aren’t ending things! Think of it as a step in a different direction. We’re going to continue writing about games, but on a smaller scale. The Game Bolt will still have a high standard to abide by for our writers, and everyone is free to write as they please. Whether it be once a week or once a month, we encourage everyone to share their thoughts. The Game Bolt will still be a place where people can grow as writers and hopefully this opens the door for more opportunities. It just won’t be a full fledged project we’ve grown to love and care for.

We cannot thank everyone enough for their support over these two years; it’s been a real pleasure to write about video games with wonderful people, and we aim to continue that, just on a smaller level! So would you kindly join us as we take the website in a new direction?

With love,

The Game Bolt Staff.