The Premier League According To Fifa 16… Gameweek 33

So here we are again. Another week brings with it another batch of Premier League games, and with that comes another week of Premier League predictions using Fifa 16. Before we get into this week’s predictions, we think it’s only fair that you’re informed how many results we got right.

Out of all ten predicted results, we successfully predicted only one: that Sunderland would draw 0-0 with West Brom. Unfortunately, the rest of the predictions were somewhat off… Now, we invite you to read on, and find out how Gameweek 33 will unfold according to Fifa 16.

Saturday, 9th April:

Arsenal’s recent run of form will continue, beating a West Ham side away who haven’t lost at home since August. This will prove a tense game, but Arsenal’s full-backs will have brilliant games, stopping any and every West Ham attack down the wings until right at the end. Valencia will notch a stoppage-time consolation, reducing Arsenal’s lead to just the one goal, who will score two great team goals through Özil and Welbeck.

Predicted Result: West Ham United 1 – Arsenal 2. Actual Result: West Ham United 3 – Arsenal 3.

Aston Villa need to win, and they will pick up a precious three points at home against a lacklustre Bournemouth side. Sinclair’s return to the starting lineup will prove valuable for Villa, as his goal will be enough to separate the two sides.

Predicted Result: Aston Villa 1 – Bournemouth 0. Actual Result: Aston Villa 1 – Bournemouth 2.

Another week, another dull game from Crystal Palace according to Fifa 16. Neither side will trouble the opposing goalkeeper in a drab, lifeless 0-0 draw. Zaha will at least get bored and get a straight-red for a reckless challenge late on – so there will at least be something noteworthy for the neutrals. Oh, and Adebayor will hit the post at one point. Sorry, Palace and Norwich fans.

Predicted Result: Crystal Palace 0 – Norwich City 0. Actual Result: Crystal Palace 1 – Norwich City 0.

Newcastle are in desperate need of three points, but they are going to get nothing out of St. Mary’s. Southampton are going to switch to beast mode, with Long unlucky not to hit a hat-trick (including a penalty) against a limp Newcastle side whose big players will once again not show up. Mané will continue his good spell of form with a goal of his own, completing Newcastle’s humiliation.

Predicted Result: Southampton 3 – Newcastle 0. Actual Result: Southampton 3 – Newcastle 1.

Coming off the back of a thumping win at Aston Villa, Chelsea look like making a last-minute dash to the Europa League spots, but they will be frustrated against a Swansea side with a ‘never-say-die’ attitude. Willian’s deserved goal will almost be enough to secure Chelsea the three points, but a horrendous goalkeeping error will gift Paloschi a 92nd minute equaliser.

Predicted Result: Swansea City 1 – Chelsea 1. Actual Result: Swansea City 1 – Chelsea 0.

Everton will go 2-0 up after sustained pressure, with McCarthy and Baines giving them the lead (Baines with a penalty). However, Watford will grow into the game after going 2-0 down and come back to earn a hard-earned point – Amrabat and Deeney grabbing the goals.

Predicted Result: Watford 2 – Everton 2. Actual Result: Watford 1 – Everton 1.

City will be left frustrated against a much-improved West Brom side, drawing a hotly contested game. Great for the neutrals throughout, Agüero and Touré will score for Man City, whilst Rondón and Sandro (off the bench) will get goals back for West Brom. Otamendi will lunge out and get shown a red card, only increasing the excitement for fans of football everywhere.

Predicted Result: Manchester City 2 – West Brom 2. Actual Result: Manchester City 2 – West Brom 1.

Sunday, 10th April:

Sunderland will yet again rue missed chances, but a point against the league leaders could be a good enough result for them in the run-in to avoid relegation. Neither team will really get going, but Sunderland’s goalkeeper will be the busier of the two.

Predicted Result: Sunderland 0 – Leicester City 0. Actual Result: Sunderland 0 – Leicester City 2.

Liverpool will finally get their own back against Stoke, who famously beat the Merseyside team 6-1 at the end of last season. Coutinho will provide an inspired performance, hitting two goals against a stubborn Stoke side, whose luck will turn out, but a tad too late after Liverpool will get Sakho and Skrtel sent off. Bardsley will score, but Liverpool will be saved by the final whistle.

Predicted Result: Liverpool 2 – Stoke City 1. Actual Result: Liverpool 4 – Stoke City 1.

A tense atmosphere around White Hart Lane in Spurs’ quest for their first title in over fifty years will come from a closely fought match. Spurs will come from behind against another Rashford goal from the Red Devils, with talismans Alli and Kane netting the goals. It will be a deserved win for Spurs though, as they will be the team piling on the pressure for the entirety of the game.

Predicted Result: Tottenham Hotspur 2 – Manchester United 1. Actual Result: Tottenham Hotspur 3 – Manchester United 0.

Wednesday, 13th April:

Palace will turn up the heat against Everton, with Bolasie playing out of his skin. It won’t be enough however, as Everton will be the more ruthless going forward, with Lukaku’s goal being enough to pile more pressure on the relegation threatened Palace.

Predicted Result: Crystal Palace 0 – Everton 1. Actual Result: Crystal Palace 0 – Everton 0.

The Premier League Table according to Fifa 16 after Gameweek 33:

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