5 Super Motifs South Park: The Fractured But Whole Will Nail

South Park: The Stick of Truth was one of the surprise hits of 2014. When The Fractured But Whole was revealed at last year’s E3, many were pleasantly shocked to learn Matt Stone and Trey Parker will return to South Park with a sequel. The Fractured But Whole will see Cartman and the gang make fun of the insanely popular and financially lucrative superhero genre. Judging from the costumes we’ve already seen, it looks like players will be treated to more of South Park’s signature comedy. Now that E3 has passed, and we know a little bit more about the game, here are five superhero tropes The Fractured But Whole will definitely nail when bringing hilarity to the players.

5. Tights, tights, tights,                


Right in the beginning of the short teaser released last year, we see the boys of South Park struggle to fit into their costumes. Tights are a signature style of any superhero, from Superman’s reverse underwear situation to Spidey’s homemade costume. This feels like a cheap entry for a wish list, since I feel as if it’s a no-brainer to include quippy remarks about how so and so doesn’t fit into tight spandex.

4. Man of Steel’s Superman

Who better epitomizes gloom and doom than Man of Steel’s Superman? And who better to completely deconstruct that hero than South Park? Zack Snyder’s debut interpretation of the Man of Steel is more sullen than snappy. South Park is more snappy than sullen. Poking fun at this version of Superman sounds like another easy target, but that’s what South Park does best. Just imagine one of the kids from South Park inexplicably downtrodden 24/7, only to have everyone else remind him someone with that much power should never be sad.

3. The superhero family

Given how South Park’s latest E3 trailer detailed the conflict as a group of superheroes fighting for self-respect and something else we haven’t been made privy to yet, it stands to reason South Park will play with the idea of a superhero family. It has been made cliché, to say the very least, to imagine a nuclear family of the 50s gone literally nuclear. South Park’s “nuclear,” probably includes nuclear fart. Expect flatulence-styled jokes abound when Kyle and the South Park gang take aim at superhero families.

2. Nolan’s Batman

Similar to Snyder’s Man of Steel, Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman is one dark dude. Always angry and seemingly never satisfied no matter how many skulls he cracks, Batman throughout The Dark Knight Trilogy used a deep, growl to distinguish from Bruce Wayne’s normal voice. Yet by the time The Dark Knight Rises came out, this lower, gruff voice became nearly hysterical. Seeing kids from the South Park gang try to lower their voice while they are in the middle of puberty would lead to hilarious results.

1.Superheroes fighting superheroes

As mentioned before, South Park: The Fractured But Whole is predicated on the idea that the South Park gang are all playing superhero, but they begin fighting amongst one another when they see Cartman’s elaborate multi-phase superhero film universe. But what about the actual act of superheroes fighting superheroes? Isn’t that hilarious sounding in its own right?? Shouldn’t the super strong dude be able to fly twice as fast and punch four times as hard to end the battle in a heartbeat? As always, let us turn our attention to Cartman and the rest of the South Park gang for the answers to these hard hitting questions.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole is due out this December, and with it we will finally learn who is actually the strongest on the playground of kids in tights. Sound off what you want to see in South Park: The Fractured But Whole below!

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