5 Possibilities for Uncharted 4’s Single Player DLC

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is the latest installment from Naughty Dog, Sony’s award winning first party studio responsible for The Last of Us, the Uncharted franchise, and of course Crash Bandicoot. As the credits roll and the game reaches its conclusion, players are left with the realization that it may be Nathan Drake’s last adventure. With that being said, the promise and possibility of single player DLC in the same vein as The Last of Us: Left Behind excites many people. Here are five possible routes the impending single player add-on content could go.

The Uprising of Libertalia

Uncharted 4 is all about greed, what it does to you and how it ultimately can lead to one’s downfall. Besides Drake, that’s also what the pirates and citizens of the fabled Libertalia learned. When infighting broke out for the treasure between the Founders and their colonists, they were reminded of how powerful greed can be. Multiple letters found throughout the game hint to how violent and personal this conflict was, so there is a foundation set within the game as to what actually happened during the uprising of Libertalia.

Yet this was a dark time for Libertalia, and perhaps too dark for Uncharted. Unlike The Last of Us, Uncharted’s tone is dependent on utilizing tropes of adventures and pulp stories, meaning the good guys more or less make it out alive. If everyone is trying to kill each other in Libertalia, how do you differentiate the good from the bad?

Sam the Treasure Tracker

Sam Drake talks about how empty he still feels after chasing the treasure of Henry Avery at the end of the game. Sully then hints at a job that requires some help. While this may just be a brief bit of world building, it also opens the door for a brief adventure where you take control of Sam.

This could be too similar to Uncharted 4. If we judge what the DLC may look like from the team’s past single player DLC, which is Left Behind, it diverts greatly from the survival elements of the main game. I think any Uncharted 4 DLC will serve to expound on untouched portions of mythology of the franchise, and an adventure with Sam and Sully may not be the exact story to do so.

The Curse of Henry Avery

One of the main characters of A Thief’s End didn’t say a single word. Captain Henry Avery was responsible for leading Nate, Sam, their mother, and countless other explorers on a merry chase as they hunt down his fabled treasure. However, his treasure could be deemed as a “curse,” as nearly everyone died trying to get it.

Personally, I’d love to take on the role of Avery, as his paranoia warps his own mind past the point of insanity. Yet, like the entry pertaining to the uprising of Libertalia, it may be too dark for the tone of Uncharted. However, Avery is a very important character to the story, meaning there may be a slight chance we could take control of the deranged pirate captain.

For God and Liberty (a pirate chasing Avery’s treasure)

I can’t help but think that the DLC will have more adventure than previously hinted at. Naughty Dog really refined the combat, creating bigger areas and allowing players to drop in and out of stealth. Combine this with the company’s top notch environmental story-telling, and it may be totally possible that we get a DLC adventure featuring one of the many pirates who were chasing Avery’s treasure before Nate and Sam.

What if we take on the role of Cassandra Morgan, Nate and Sam’s mother? Or one of the pirates who we see perished on our way to the treasure? This could allow for the same fun, tropey adventures as the one Nate undertakes. However, surrounding DLC on an unrelated character may be a hard sell.

  “The Talk”

Have you ever had “the talk?” You know, the one with your treasure hunting parents as they explain all the batshit crazy adventures they had over the years? The epilogue ends as Drake and Elena agree to talk to their daughter about how the two met, as well as taking count of how many lost cities Drake’s demolished over the years.It would be a piece of cake to have Drake recount an adventure we never experienced.

He could serve as the narrator while players assume control of his past, younger self. Not only would this retain the tone of Uncharted, but it would be a cool bonus chapter to play, as we say good-bye to Nathan Drake one more time.

What do you think? Do any of these pieces of DLC sound promising? Sound off in the comments below!

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