5 PlayStation Mascots That Deserve a Reboot

You’d be forgiven for thinking we’d gone back in time in 2016. Ratchet & Clank is bigger than ever, millions of people are hunting Pokemon and Crash Bandicoot is back on the PlayStation. We’re all affected by nostalgia and it’s been driving media for a number of years. We love to see our favorite game series resurrected or given a shiny new gloss. Nintendo has been doing it for years, and now it appears that Sony are keen to get in on the act.

In the past two years, Sony has confirmed that the God of War series will get a new installment, while Final Fantasy VII will receive a remake. Sony’s mascots are queuing up for the reboot treatment, but which iconic mascots deserve to grace the PlayStation 4?

5) MediEvil

medievil-psThe hack & slash adventure game of MediEvil was a delight on the original PlayStation. The spooky, cartoonish visuals were reminiscent of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, while it captured its own goofy tone through the skeletal figure of Sir Daniel Fortesque. Sony is in dire need of a mascot that adds a bit more humor to the brand in a time where video games are becoming more serious.

Games like The Last of Us may be fantastic, but we still need a bit of laughter every now and then, and what better mascot to tickle the funny bone than a bag of bones in a coat of armor? Sir Daniel Fortesque even appeared in PlayStation Stars Battle Royale, proving that he has a place in PlayStation legacy. MediEvil may have had its flaws, but the series is brimming with potential. Sony just need to say the word, and this classic series could return from the dead.

4) Sly Cooper

Sly-CooperIf Yooka-Laylee is anything to go by, it looks like platformers are making a comeback. The PlayStation and Nintendo 64 had countless of fantastic platformers, but within the last decade, they all dried up. Jump forwards to 2016 and there seems to be a few platformers on the horizon. There is no better time for Sony to bring back some of its classic platformers, and Sly Cooper is one of their stand out games.

It was only in 2013 when Sly last made his appearance in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, but it was never promoted to the same extent of the recent Ratchet & Clank game. However, a Sly Cooper film is scheduled for a release in the coming months, so it would take a brave man to bet against this series getting the Ratchet & Clank treatment. There’s not enough light-hearted stealth games on the market, but Sony’s famous raccoon could reinvigorate the genre.

3) Twisted Metal

Twisted-Metal-2012-after-the-credits-hqAsk the majority of people what their favorite multiplayer racing game is, and you’re likely to have Mario Kart leading the way. Sony have had the answer to this series hiding right in front of them for all these years, but I suppose it’s easy to miss a clown with a head full of flames.

Twisted Metal has always prided itself on mayhem and destruction in this vehicle version of the Hunger Games. The series has never shied away from insanity and it’s bursting with colorful characters. Sadly, Twisted Metal has never really caught on fire, and has instead built up a cult following. A marketing masterstroke could change this, and Sweet Tooth could become the mascot that we deserve.

2) Jak & Daxter

Jak and DaxterWe can’t get enough of Naughty Dog. We’ve been begging for the return of Crash Bandicoot, while playing the hell out of Uncharted 4 over the last few months. You think we’d finally be content, but we’re always hungry for more. A reboot of Jak & Daxter is atop many people’s wish list, and it comes as no surprise as the series dominated the PlayStation 2.

Daxter, the wise-talking ottsel, is perhaps the funniest of PlayStation’s mascots, and it wouldn’t seem right that we’d see the end of him when our other furry orange friend (Crash) is living it up on the PlayStation 4. The likelihood of a return is however unlikely, with Naughty Dog preferring to look forwards then backwards. That doesn’t stop us from dreaming though, as another developer could always step in as they have before.

1) Spyro the Dragon

SpyroThe mascot that tops our list is also the least likely to get a reboot, mainly because the purple dragon is in the evil clutches of Skylander. It’s upsetting to see what’s happened to Spyro, but that doesn’t affect our fond memories for him. Originally made to rival Mario 64, Spyro the Dragon was one of the best platformers of its time. Whether you’re toasting your enemies with fire or running them over with a skateboard, there was always fun to be had.

Perhaps it’s possible that Sony will launch a rescue mission to reinstate one of its most beloved characters as its mascot, but for now that’s the stuff of fantasy. It won’t stop us from dusting off the PlayStation and reliving the moments that made us fall in love with the brand.

So there’s our picks for mascots that deserve the reboot. Have we missed anyone? Or do you perhaps believe that these classics are better off left in the past with their dignity in tact? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Ryan Jones is a writer for The Game Bolt. Being a Welshman doesn’t mean he only has sheep in his heart, as he loves film, tv and video games. Follow him on Twitter.