3 Reasons To Get Excited About InnerSpace

There are plenty of big games to get excited for this year. Lots of AAA titles will hit the market and gamers everywhere will be blown away by what has 2016 has to offer. Alongside the monster games that release this year there are always some hidden gems in the mix. This time around I have my money on InnerSpace by PolyKnght Games. InnerSpace is an exploration game that will launch this summer. Here are a few reasons to keep this one on your radar:

The Lore

In InnerSpace you control a flying plane that is tasked with mapping the mysterious world around you. The different environments or “bubbles” you explore hold many secrets and the only way to uncover these secrets is to collect relics. The relics can then be taken to the architect, a man that can further reveal the truth about the world you are in. What I like about all this is that nothing is handed to you when you begin. You want to understand what is going on? Go and find it- a great way to set up a good exploration game. Little is known about the lore of InnerSpace so far, so it will be nice to jump into the game with little knowledge about the world.


Another interesting thing about all this is that each bubble will have a demigod that you will have to face. Each demigod is unique in regards to how to defeat it. Will you need to find a certain relic? That is part of the mystery. Figuring out what is going on in InnerSpace will be a fun adventure.

The Gameplay

In InnerSpace you control a plane that can also transform into dive mode to explore the depths of the seas in the game. So you are not just limited to flying around the whole time, a good idea to break up the monotony of the game. An interesting element of the plane is that the wings are actually swords. Swords! This gives the plane a method of interacting with the environment. The world is subject to destruction in order for you to find clues and slowly collect the relics. The thing about InnerSpace is that the world will reveal itself to you at your own pace.


At PAX South 2016 I had the chance to demo the game. The game plays very smooth and the big thing for me was the music. The score really brought it all together. While flying around and searching for relics I could feel myself slip away from reality and fall into the game. It is a great feeling and one that I am looking forward to when the game releases.

The Team

PolyKnight is a new team. A fresh face in the gaming industry. The team is comprised of young college kids looking to create something beautiful and unique. Innerspace will not blow away the gaming community but in my opinion it will put PolyKnight Games on the map. The game is ambitious for such a small and young team. This may be the big break for the team. If so expect some great things from this little studio.

I hope the game contains a lot of secrets to uncover and I hope the game has a lot of depth to it. I t seems that it will be we can only speculate until release. From what I played at PAX I did enjoy my time with it and looking forward to getting it when it releases. I hope I can get lost in the world of InnerSpace.

Jon Moore is the General Manager at The Game Bolt, and loves a good Oreo cookie. For more useless knowledge and nerdy shenanigans follow him on Twitter.