Here Are The Games I Played At PAX South 2016

As PAX South 2016 comes to a conclusion (for me anyway) I reflect back on all the games I had the pleasure of playing. The diverse set of games range from strategy PC games to space shooters. I had a fantastic time at the event with my Editor In Chief, Mr. Ramirez himself.

The following games are future releases and were played briefly, but I gathered enough information to relay my thoughts to you guys. I have also linked a Twitter account with each game if you would like more information. Sit back and enjoy the flow of games coming in the future.

Den Vanstra Handens Stig

Right off the bat I’ll hit you with something out of left field. Developer James Short, a one man studio, has put together a unique spin on his narrative driven adventure game. In DVHS you do not do a single thing. You watch as a man embarks on a journey to reach the mountain in the distance. The twist is that you do not control the man, the man learns and makes the journey on his own. While he jumps, walks and traverses the land he learns on the go to make himself better to complete the journey. However if you do not like the way he is learning, you can reset the game and make him learn everything again. The catch is that resetting the game requires a blood sacrifice. A real blood sacrifice. As in your blood. Yes in order to reset the game you have to prick your finger and sacrifice your blood to the game. Bloody hell!



The brawling sensation of Super Smash Brothers meets the hero rotation of League of Legends.


A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher

Now this one was a doozy. There have been some games in the past that have put some stress on my mind. After trying Trackher, my brain needed a rest. The game starts off with a simple tutorial laid out like classic Galactica. Move the ship and shoot stuff. Simple enough right? No. The game ends up being a split screen fiasco consisting of panicky back and forth movements and intense feelings of desperation. In one screen you scour for materials and resources to aid the other screen which is shooting the stuff. The game requires intense focus to get a high score. And the risk reward factor aids in the chaos. You can beat the game at any time but you will be rewarded with a low score if you tap out early. However trying to power forward and lasting a little longer will better your score. I enjoyed my short time with the game. So strap in and get ready, for a disaster.


Knight Squad

Do you like to run around and slash down anyone in your way to win? Well you are in luck. Knight Squad is your game. During PAX South Chainsawesome Games was sporting a free for all game mode where you are pitted against seven other knights to capture the holy grail and deliver it to your base. Along the way you have access to power ups to gain the edge against your fellow knights. It is a fun filled game full of joy and yeling. Knight Squad is actually available now on Xbox One.


Knee Deep

Amid all of the shooters and brawlers was a storytelling game called Knee Deep. The game consists of a dialogue heavy narrative that takes place inside a theatre. A washed up actor has hung himself from the town water tower. You will follow three main characters and uncover the true mystery of what’s going on. You will make choices and create friendships, or enemies, that will lead to a unique story controlled by the decisions you make.


Alice In Tokyo Wonderland

While there was not much to the demo, the gameplay was very fluid and the game looked great. You control Alice as you run around and destroy the enemies in front of you. You are equipped with several weapons that you can use to waste away your opponents. There was not much to the demo but it was enjoyable.



During the event I did happen to play a few PC games even though I do not consider myself a PC gamer. The first one I tried was a strategy game called Deckbound. The game has a simple premise. You have abilities. Use your abilities to control outposts to get more abilities then kill your foe. The interesting part is that you can see what abilities your opponent has, making every move you make important. One good thing I liked about this game is that you do not have to download anything. Just simply play it from your browser. Pretty nifty.


Capsule Force

During some downtime, Grant and I find our way to the Capsule Force game set up. We had no idea what we were walking into. Two minutes later we were violently pressing buttons to kill each other and I am pretty sure I was sweating. In Capsule Force you engage in a mono y mono style of game where you have to jump on a platform to move the platform to the opponent’s side and grab the item to win. While you are trying to accomplish this you have to dodge the other player, random AI gun turrets and laser beam floors that disintegrate you in one touch. There are also 30 plus single player missions. It is intense, and it is available on PS4 now. Go buy it.



The other PC game that I had the privilege of playing was Eternal. A Hearthstone style card game, Eternal has a great presentation that does a good job at immersing you in the game. It did not take to long for me to get a hang of the game either. It acts as a typical card game. Play resource cards to summon monsters and destroy your opponent to win the battle.Each monster has unique abilities that can really alter the flow of the battle. A pretty fun game all in all.


There were a few other games that we actually had some extensive time with and had the time to sit and talk with the dev team. Those games consist of Marble Mountain, Light Fall, and InnerSpace. We will have separate pieces for those games. So stay tuned.

Jon Moore is the General Manager at The Game Bolt, and loves a good Oreo cookie. For more useless knowledge and nerdy shenanigans follow him on Twitter.