Top 5 Games to test the limits of your relationship

It is a very ironic situation when dramatic romantic gestures are usually more effective on every day except Valentine’s Day itself. This year, whether you’re snuggling with your special someone, going out with friends, using Barney’s laws to hook up with a stranger or just traversing the town lost in a very single and satiric state, spice things up by seeing just how committed your partner is. These five games will strain your relationship to test your communication and commitment to each other, in the darkest moments of gaming. If you do make it out in one piece, you will forever unlock the ‘Split screen’ perk where it becomes a common standard playing side by side with a friend, eating pizza and enjoying your time together to the fullest.

5. Left 4 Dead series

Zombies! They are on everyone’s mind these days. There’s a good chance that you and your date are about to see a cheesy B movie with zombies or the undead in them. You can up the ante this Valentine’s with a secret love ritual; face your date, dead in the eyes, strip and say “Praise Lord Gaben”. Once this ritual has been initiated, you have to play Left 4 Dead 1 or 2 on the hardest difficulty and you have face the horde with a trusted team of survivors. In this episodic zombie survival game, things can get pretty chaotic (Still not as chaotic as your high maintenance Ex) as four survivors try to escape from their desolate situations. A player can easily get trapped by the special infected and if there is no one watching their back, its GG, relationship wise too. Deeper into the horde, only a true team can hold off the hormone filled Tanks and the seductive Witches. Upon completion, this ritual will finally answer the question if this person is right for you. What is the point of wedding vows if you two can survive a zombie apocalypse together? Go and procreate to repopulate the dying world!

4. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Every once in awhile, you run into a game that creates a great Co-op experience with a friend and can make you grind for hours only for it to be ruined by that same person. Monster Hunter 4 does just that. You hunt for big or small game for loot and sport in this augural quest for the source of a mysterious virus (I am placing my bet on the Zika Virus) with your camaraderie. A conquest that can only be handled by the best of hunters. Whether the monster is neutral, enraged or exhausted, damaging it will bring the team a variety of challenges to deal with. This variety, while exciting for some couples, can test if your partner can handle the pressure, collect the loot and reach the ‘end game’ of mounting and capturing the monster. If your partner isn’t up for the challenge, there will be a lot less mounting, both in game and outside the game.

3. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

You are reading the paper one day and a title catches your eye, ‘Recently married couple defused a bomb to save the school!’ or reads ‘Ravers blow up a club after failing to defuse a bomb while doing a hand stand on a beer keg’. Think of your significant other, which headline do you see being accomplished with them? In this explosively viral Steam game, a person must defuse a bomb while the other person/people must tell him how to defuse a randomly generated bomb with a precise set of instructions, which only they can see. The party have to communicate very thoroughly and meticulously while the clock is ticking away. Talk about a simulation of a worst case scenario, but that is exactly what two headstrong partners would want to see through with each other. With this definitive challenge, you can decide of the fate of relationship or even make a game out of it to decide where the date will be, who will be on top or which bad B Movie you will see tonight.

2. Portal 2

Aperture Science Laboratories is a very grim place with nothing but singing turrets and a sarcastic AI trying to kill you. When the Co-op for Portal 2 rolls around, you meet with a cheery pair of AIs, Atlas and P-body. Their silly demeanor is a perfect reflection for the couple’s situation. Both have no idea what the test chambers ahead hold and the amount of frustration they can bring in one night. The pair will need to muster the utmost cooperation and competence in these chambers, either making or breaking them (Literally for the two AIs). With up to four portals at a time, the pairs must make it through this unique campaign. One misplaced click or portal can derail the whole solution, with usually one person ending up in a pool of hot acid. The third wheeling companion cube will be there judging you till the end, but, the victory will be so sweet with an abundance of celebratory heart shaped cakes.

  1. Contra

One can say that Konami had a serious board meeting in 1987 to discuss a new game and they decided ‘Let’s make the most difficult and frustrating experience that will definitely break up those young teens and friendships, of course, while maximizing quarters’. Thus, Contra was born, the perfect virtual contraception……. Fast forward to today and the game is still holding true to its mission. This classic run and gun arcade game is notoriously famous for being too difficult to a point where there is a cheat code to just play the game with a healthy amount of lives. Now, if you are in the mood for something frisky tonight, give Contra a try. There will be lots of stuff flying around, screaming and banging but not in the sense that you are thinking. You will need to trust your significant other with every shot, every movement, with only limited chances to finishing the game or even scavenging a relationship after this. For those who do, no words can attest to how perfect you two are for each other and for those who haven’t heard on Contra, run and never look back.

Honorable Mentions:

Halo Legendary Run: It will take you more than one night but it should definitely a relationship goal!

Sims: You can pull a Dwight Scrute and have a second life within Sims. Or just go crazy making babies in game.

Any Mario kart game: Too many broken relationships over this, too many…….

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

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