TGB E3 Awards – Best In Show

This year’s E3 was undeniably strong. It seemed like every company had an ace up their sleeve, with Sony’s Horizon: Zero Dawn again being the star of the show. That was until Nintendo showed up.

Everyone was disappointed by Nintendo’s announcement that their only playable game at E3 was going to be the new Legend of Zelda. What? No NX? People cried. Turns out the tears were completely in vain. On the third day, Nintendo showed us all The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And it was good.

breath of the wild gameplay

All it took was one trailer for the game and I knew Nintendo are onto a real winner. The trailer had it all: voice-acting, gorgeous visuals, exploration, climbing, squishing bad guys with boulders and cooking. Nintendo were not content with only showing us the trailer though. They spent hours delving into the game, uncovering the mysterious new Zelda we’ve all been desperate to see for over two years.

It turns out that Breath of the Wild is Zelda mixed with The Elder Scrolls. It’s big, open and contains more RPG elements than any Legend of Zelda game before it. Breath of the Wild looks ambitious, grand, exciting, fun and most importantly like a Zelda game. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild reminds us that Nintendo at its best cannot be topped for creativity, style or fun.

Legend of Zelda breath of the wild image for award

I was very excited to see that the Legend of Zelda series isn’t afraid to try new things, this late into its life. I loved the different armour sets, miniature dungeons scattered across the map and I really appreciate the addition of voice-acting this time around too. The thing I’m most excited for though? The ability to pick up and use weapons dropped by downed enemies, with their own durability ratings to boot. Breath of the Wild looks like the most fully-featured Zelda game of all time and to me, at least, is what the series has been building up to for all this time. Roll on 2017.

Toby Saunders is sometimes opinionated. You’ll find him posting garbage about games, films and his beloved Spurs and Bath City FC on Twitter.

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      Thanks! Wasn’t a particularly difficult choice to be honest.