The Premier League According To Fifa 16… Gameweek 36

As the season is nearing to its end, the Barclay’s Premier League table seems like it won’t allow for much more movement. There are still plenty of places up for grabs however, even with most teams only having three matches left to play. Two Champions League spots, and the Europa League spots are still up for grabs, as is a place in next year’s Premier League, with the bottom three still up in the air.

What will happen though? We’ve played some Fifa 16 and have found out, and let’s say it looks better for some teams than others. But how about our prediction credentials? Well, unfortunately, last week we only got one result right. The only way is up, right?

Saturday, 30th April:

everton v bournemouth

Gradel will score the only goal in a tight encounter between these two teams fighting for a top-half finish. Bournemouth will deserve the result though, and we will see Everton’s terrible form continue.

Predicted Result: Everton 0 – Bournemouth 1. Actual Result: Everton 2 – Bournemouth 1.


A hard-earned win will give Newcastle three vital points, and we will see Crystal Palace pulled back to the bottom after pulling away in the last few weeks. Sissoko will get sent off for Newcastle, but Mitrović will nick the result in the game’s dying breaths after dispossessing Palace’s defence and slotting home past the keeper.

Predicted Result: Newcastle 1 – Crystal Palace 0. Actual Result: Newcastle 1 – Crystal Palace 0.


Stoke’s rotten form will continue, as, despite opening the scoring through Whelan late on, Sunderland will fight back outstandingly. A goal each from Kaboul, substitute Toivonen and Defoe in the last twelve minutes will ensure Sunderland walk away with all three points. Joselu will get sent off at 1-1, maybe that will be the difference?

Predicted Result: Stoke 1 – Sunderland 3. Actual Result: Stoke 1 – Sunderland 1.


What’s this, something for Aston Villa fans to shout about? Yes, according to Fifa 16, Villa will come back from 2-0 down to draw away at Watford – Ayew grabbing both of their goals. Watford will be kicking themselves, as going 2-0 ahead through Deeney and Ighalo respectively should have been enough to win them the game.

Predicted Result: Watford 2 – Aston Villa 2. Actual Result: Watford 3 – Aston Villa 2.


After all but ending Tottenham’s title hopes last weekend, West Brom will get outplayed at home against West Ham. Lanzini and Kouyaté will score the goals for the Iron, can West Ham finish fourth?

Predicted Result: West Brom 0 – West Ham 2. Actual Result: West Brom 0 – West Ham 3.


Wow, where did this Norwich side come from? Norwich will go 3-0 up at half-time away at the Emirates through Mbokani, Naismith and Brady. Arsenal will grab a late consolation through Sánchez. Is Arsenal’s season unravelling?

Predicted Result: Arsenal 1 – Norwich 3. Actual Result: Arsenal 1 – Norwich 0.

Sunday, 1st May:


Swansea will stop the rot against a much-changed Liverpool side after their Europa League Semi-Final against Villareal. Both sides will play well, however, with Paloschi opening the scoring for Swansea and Milner grabbing the equaliser for Liverpool.

Predicted Result: Swansea 1 – Liverpool 1. Actual Result: Swansea 3 – Liverpool 1.


Leicester will win the Premier League at Old Trafford. Ulloa will score Leicester City’s league winning goal in a tough match. Manchester United will boss the possession, create most of the chances and ultimately lose the match. This result will give Leicester the Premier League title for the first time in their history, and boy do they deserve it.

Predicted Result: Manchester United 0 – Leicester City 1. Actual Result: Manchester United 1 – Leicester City 1.


Southampton will turn on the style against a Manchester City side with a Semi-Final second leg away at Real Madrid on the horizon. Cédric and Pellè will score both the goals in the match, but Hart will stop Southampton scoring more.

Predicted Result: Southampton 2 – Manchester City 0. Actual Result: Southampton 4 – Manchester City 2.

Monday, 2nd May:


A match where both goalkeepers will have a brilliant game will see Chelsea and Spurs draw without a goal. Tottenham will edge the chances, but ultimately the match will rightly end as a draw.

Predicted Result: Chelsea 0 – Tottenham Hotspur 0. Actual Result: Chelsea 2 – Tottenham Hotspur 2.

The Barclay’s Premier League according to Fifa 16:

premier league table

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